S7-Intelligent Security and Automation Solution

A patented security & automation system

Retrofit solution that can significantly enhance security and automation using image logs and sensor based notifications

Uses Machine learning and computer vision techniques to understand your usage patterns, preferences and adapts the behavior to continuously enhanceyour experience and security

Intelligent ATM Security Guard

ATM Security Challenges

  • One of the main challenges for ATM is that its really difficult to monitor 24/7 the CCTV footage generated in each ATM
  • The motion detection mechanism to record footage used in some ATMs are not very reliable
  • Also the total cost of ownership of these solutions is quite high because of the large volumes of footage captured

Axelta S7 – Intelligent ATM Security Solution

  • Axelta’s ATM security solution can be custom developed to tackle a number of such challenges.
  • An event driven real time monitoring mechanism can behave like having your own 24/7 security guard
  • A single guard or command center individual can actually monitor 100s of ATMs reliably
  • The system is also machine learning and computer vision enabled, that can analyze the video footage captured in real time and send specific inputs to the security personnel
  • Hooters and alarms can be triggered remotely using mobile apps
  • The system is also capable of supporting two way authentication using OTP passed to users in real time basis

Axelta S7 - Capabilities

The solution currently caters to

  • Locker operation
  • Fire Detection and Alarm
  • Motion / Presence Detection based real time image and video notification
  • Remote voice messaging to onsite security personnel
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Remote Light and Equipment Operation
  • Image and Video on Demand

Axelta S7 - Internals

  • At the heart of the solution is a powerful S7 Hub that has features like
    • 8 hours power backup
    • Over the air update capability
    • Powerful processor
    • Image and audio capturing features
    • State of the art security like live pulse, AES and TLS encryption.
  • Integrated with Osmosis Platform it gives all the capabilities required for enabling any establishment to become a smart establishment leveraging its strong security and automation features

Axelta S7 – Solution Architecture


Axelta Fully Function Mobile App

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