Configuration and Using Osmosis Platform

  • To use Osmosis Platform create a Free account on Osmosis Platform
  • Go to and click on Free Account button
    which is on the right side of page which takes you to account creation page.
  • Create your free account providing basic information asked in the page and click Register.
  • Once you are register with the Axelta Osmosis, you will get activation link to specified email ID
    which you provided while creating free account now go on to activate your account.
  • Clicking on activation link in your mail activates your account and it redirects to a congratulation message
  • After successful activation click on Login to access your account.
  • Provide your Username and Password you have created to Sign in to your account
  • Once logged in you can see the Screen as below
  • Now go on to create your own Device where you can send data
  • Click on Devices which directs you to a page as shown below click on New to create new Device
  • To create a New device you need to provide
    • Device Number - 3 to 7 characters/numeric of your choice
    • Select Type of Device – select Generic from dropdown
    • Select Client – Selected your client name from dropdown
    • Client Group – Select Generic Group
  • After providing with the details click Create at the end of page to create your Device.
  • Click on Devices from left panel to check with your newly created device in the list.
  • Where you can find Device Key attached to your created device, Note down the details we are going to use them in further steps.
  • Click on your Device key which directs you to a page where you can edit your Device and create nodes on it.
  • Click on Edit from the page and Add New Node to create a new node to your device.
  • When you click on Add New Node a new panel open toward right side of the screen where you need to provide
    • Node Number – Give any number in the empty panel Ex: 001
    • Asset Name – Any name of your choice.
  • Click on Add at the end of panel to create your node which shows up instantly in the list of nodes.
  • Add Alarm to your Node
    • Alarm1
      • Select Workshop from the dropdown
      • Select the User from the dropdown to whom the notification should be generated
  • Click on Update to update your Node with Added Alarm.
  • After Creating Device with Node and Alarm of your own now check if they are working by sending some dummy data to the created Node.
  • To send the dummy data use Advance Rest Client app from Google chrome
    • Go to Web store and search for Advance Rest Client from your Google chrome/ directly Google search for Advance Rest Client
    • Add Advance Rest Client to your Browser
  • Once Advanced Rest Client is added launch the APP
  • To send the data to your created device on Osmosis you need to provide
    • URL – URL for Axelta Osmosis
    • Method – POST
    • Content Type – application/json
    • Payload - copy the data below along with { } and paste in place of payload
      •                        {
        "device_key": "******************",
        "client": "********",
        "device_no": "*****",
        "device_type": "Generic",
        "node_no": "******",
        "TEMP": "14"
    Replace ** with your data like Device key, Client, Device no, Node no
  • After updating all the data in the Rest Client Click on Send then you would see 200 OK as status which meant data has successfully sent.
  • Now go to your Osmosis account click on Devices > Device Key
  • In Nodes on your device click on Node Data refer image below which would open a panel showing your sent data.
  • You can see the data on Osmosis that you sent using Advanced Rest Client
  • Now go on to test the alarm if it is raising notification when there is a break in Rule
  • For that use the same Payload from above and change TEMP to be greater than 15 and send again.
    • {
      "device_key": "******************",
      "client": "********",
      "device_no": "*****";,
      "device_type": "Generic",
      "node_no": "******",
      "TEMP": "16"
  • Once you send the data and see Status as 200 OK you could see a blinking RED LIGHT notification generated on the Osmosis.
  • Click on blinking RED LIGHT Notification to check the exception and message raised.