Connected Products and Business Applications

A connected enterprise is a more efficient enterprise. Application of IoT in enterprises can help make work places safer and smarter, lead to better utilization of resources and result in higher profitability with more satisfied customers. Axelta helps businesses in their Digital Transformation though applying IoT in their work places and products. We also work with product companies, to make their products “connected” leading to creating disruptive business models and providing value added services to their end customers.

Our Offerings for Enterprise Digital Transformation

Success Stories

Coca Cola India

Business Requirement:

Coca Cola India has started a pilot project – Happiness on the Go [HoGo] where they have put their beverage fountain vending machines on mini trucks for providing mobile beverage sales at strategic points and parties.

Since this is done through franchisees, tracking the performance each vehicle was quite critical. Coca Cola India was looking at real time information on sales, GPS location, etc.


Axelta retrofitted its devices to existing fountain vending machines to capture information on GPS location, flavor and size wise sales that was sent in real time to Osmosis platform. Triggers related to driver performance, geo location based sales data and dashboards were created.



Axelta developed a completely new gateway with GSM capability, RTOS, Power back up, Local storage and much more.

Axelta also provided machine learning and real time analytics for their command and control center.




  • This enabled Coca Cola India to monitor and control their vending trucks effectively and optimize their sales and other activities.
  • Real time triggers related to start time of the vehicle, sales for the day helped better control the sales fleet.
  • Machine Learning based reports helped getter better handle on the sales and driver behaviors that helped optimize the overall project and get the required ROI.
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S7-Intelligent Security and Automation Solution

A patented security & automation system

Retrofit solution that can significantly enhance security and automation using image logs and sensor based notifications

Uses Machine learning and computer vision techniques to understand your usage patterns, preferences and adapts the behavior to continuously enhanceyour experience and security

Intelligent ATM Security Guard

ATM Security Challenges

  • One of the main challenges for ATM is that its really difficult to monitor 24/7 the CCTV footage generated in each ATM
  • The motion detection mechanism to record footage used in some ATMs are not very reliable
  • Also the total cost of ownership of these solutions is quite high because of the large volumes of footage captured

Axelta S7 – Intelligent ATM Security Solution

  • Axelta’s ATM security solution can be custom developed to tackle a number of such challenges.
  • An event driven real time monitoring mechanism can behave like having your own 24/7 security guard
  • A single guard or command center individual can actually monitor 100s of ATMs reliably
  • The system is also machine learning and computer vision enabled, that can analyze the video footage captured in real time and send specific inputs to the security personnel
  • Hooters and alarms can be triggered remotely using mobile apps
  • The system is also capable of supporting two way authentication using OTP passed to users in real time basis

Axelta S7 - Capabilities

The solution currently caters to

  • Locker operation
  • Fire Detection and Alarm
  • Motion / Presence Detection based real time image and video notification
  • Remote voice messaging to onsite security personnel
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Remote Light and Equipment Operation
  • Image and Video on Demand

Axelta S7 - Internals

  • At the heart of the solution is a powerful S7 Hub that has features like
    • 8 hours power backup
    • Over the air update capability
    • Powerful processor
    • Image and audio capturing features
    • State of the art security like live pulse, AES and TLS encryption.
  • Integrated with Osmosis Platform it gives all the capabilities required for enabling any establishment to become a smart establishment leveraging its strong security and automation features

Axelta S7 – Solution Architecture


Axelta Fully Function Mobile App

mbl App
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Billboard Management System

Track and Monitor Billboard Displays, Location, Occupancy and Status in the real time

Weather and theft proof, battery powered device with 100% reliability

Mobile enabled with direct access to advertisers

Ability to capture traffic data to generate Billboard Rating Points for more accurate and better pricing

Axelta Remote Site Monitoring System

Key Challenges – Remote Sites

  • Getting real time accurate information from the remote sites like construction, events, etc is often difficult
  • Most of these sites don’t have access to WiFi making it tough to use IP Cameras there
  • Keeping regular record of the events and remote sites that assure stakeholders is tough and dependent of pictures taken offline and shared using WhatsApp and other applications
  • Getting sensor based information about the remote sites to monitor and control them is also required
  • Reliable and continuous power source also cannot be ensured for remote sites


  • Using Axelta’s Remote Site Monitoring System brings the sites on fingertips of stakeholders with real time dashboards and mobile apps
  • Solar powered system with battery backup that does not need additional power source
  • All the sensor records including geo tagged images ensure very accurate access to such sites
  • Specific communication and control needs of the remote site can also be potentially built easily on need basis


  • Scheduled and on-demand images and videos of remote sites on your mobile phone.
  • These images and video can be event driven, for example based on motion sensing, door open, etc
  • Geo tagged and time-stamped images that can be shared with stakeholders
  • 16 hours battery back up that can last through the night
  • Autonomous and Weather proof [IP65] unit with integrated solar panel
  • All sensor integration can be done wirelessly requiring minimal installation
  • Single dashboard gives all relevant information of your sites
  • Easily integrated with other IT systems through REST API to seamlessly exchange information for comprehensive management

Preparedness – For Solution

  • Solution has already been deployed at multiple places
  • Specific sensors integration with Axelta HW will have to be done based on requirements
  • Axelta has the required hardware to wirelessly integrate sensors with Remote Monitoring Device

Sample Real Time Dashboard

Sample dashboard image
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Attendance Approaches

Approach Pros Cons
RFID cards
  • Most common
  • Standardized and vendor ecosystem is in the place
  • Costs are manageable
  • Administration is not easy
  • People can forget the cards
  • Card damage
  • Does not ensure physical presence of actual person
Bio Metrics
  • Second most common
  • Costs and ecosystem are now very much in place
  • Administration is easier than RFID but requires some processing
  • Reliability is the biggest challenge because of the finger prints of blue collar staff are often missed because of the manual labor involved in their tasks
  • High maintenance because of the physical contact involved.Instances of readers going bad/damaged is a big issue.
Facial Recognition
  • No physical contact involved so maintenance is not an issue
  • Administration/Adding and Deleting users is very easy
  • Good reliable technology available for facial recognition
  • Very cost effective
  • Still not 100% accurate.Might need about 1% of manual exception handling
  • Ecosystem is still evolving
Iris Scan
  • No physical contact involved so maintenance is not an issue
  • Cost effective and reliable HW and vendor ecosystem is not yet in place
  • Individual attendance action is more involved and time consuming.More relevant for high security application areas
  • Administration will be cumbersome

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