Attendance Approaches

Approach Pros Cons
RFID cards
  • Most common
  • Standardized and vendor ecosystem is in the place
  • Costs are manageable
  • Administration is not easy
  • People can forget the cards
  • Card damage
  • Does not ensure physical presence of actual person
Bio Metrics

  • Second most common
  • Costs and ecosystem are now very much in place
  • Administration is easier than RFID but requires some processing
  • Reliability is the biggest challenge because of the finger prints of blue collar staff are often missed because of the manual labor involved in their tasks
  • High maintenance because of the physical contact involved.Instances of readers going bad/damaged is a big issue.
Facial Recognition
  • No physical contact involved so maintenance is not an issue
  • Administration/Adding and Deleting users is very easy
  • Good reliable technology available for facial recognition
  • Very cost effective

  • Still not 100% accurate.Might need about 1% of manual exception handling
  • Ecosystem is still evolving
Iris Scan

  • No physical contact involved so maintenance is not an issue
  • Cost effective and reliable HW and vendor ecosystem is not yet in place
  • Individual attendance action is more involved and time consuming.More relevant for high security application areas
  • Administration will be cumbersome