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Axelta provides end-to- end Industrial IoT solutions which includes sensors, hardware, IoT platform, mobile applications and analytics. As a one stop shop for Industrial IoT needs, Axelta is uniquely positioned to provide most flexible and cost effective solutions to help you move to SMART manufacturing.

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Smart Manufacturing – Chemical Process Plant

A leading adhesive manufacturer was looking for a comprehensive solution to leverage Industry 4.0 initiatives for Enterprise wide automation across all its plants.

Implementing Smart Manufacturing with this plant, Osmosis helped the plant to connect its process and support machinery and achieve

  • Monitoring process parameters, helping better control quality
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Quickly identify failures and act on them
  • Improve operational efficiencies


Smart Manufacturing | Chemical Process Industry

Customer Profile

A 500 million $ enterprise, this company is a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial adhesives in India.

With 25+ world-class manufacturing facilities, they are a market leader and innovators in manufacturing processes and products.

Business Requirements

The following were the business requirements:

  • Get real time insights on production processes and its effectiveness
  • Optimize on resource utilization through better understanding of process behavior
  • Lay the foundation for moving towards Industry 4.0
  • Enable production professionals with enterprise mobility for higher agility and effectiveness
  • Track and better utilize human and other assets within the manufacturing plant
  • Tackle specific automation challenges leveraging more agile IIoT technologies including wireless and RF

The Challenge

The manufacturing set up of the company is a modern one and the company continues to further improve and automate processes. Though there were still some challenges:

  • The manufacturing set up has organically grown over a period of time with capital equipment and automation systems provided by multiple vendors. Therefore there was limited uniformity in the systems that needed to be IIoT enabled
  • In most of the cases, the OEM equipment supplier was not willing to open their controllers and interfaces to tap into available data
  • The customer already had part implementation of SCADA system and there was a need to integrate with that data set also
  • Limited CAPEX was available for a large scale big bang implementation and the Industry 4.0 enablement had to be done organically, keeping in mind the larger picture. Thereby focusing on early wins was critical


Axelta studied the customers manufacturing equipment and current SCADA and automation state and came up with an implementation road map that included prioritized list of wins that could be achieved.

This included understanding the critical influencing processes and prioritizing them while keeping an eye on the implementation time lines.

We tapped into the existing Kepware server and integrated the data into Osmosis platform as the first step. That enabled real time dash boarding and notification generation as well as aggregation of information for deeper analytics

As the next steps, we provided Axelta’s I7 Industrial IoT gateways that have complete cloud configuration ability and multiple interfaces to get MODBUS, 4-20 mA, analog, digital and other data sources information. This was deployed on critical machines that were not integrated with the Kepware system. Necessary training and support of automation engineers at the plant was done to empower them to use this highly fungible HW as well as platform.

Within one week of supply of HW, we started getting real time valuable information of the process that enabled us to generate further OEE and other CBM related mashups. These mashups were visible both on web and mobile based dashboards.

Meanwhile, the big data enabled system continued to capture more and more information of the process behavior that we used to understand the resource utilization, productivity parameters. These were then analyzed to get key insights to help the customer optimize its processes and resources, especially the energy consumption.

Further, we are continuing to work with the customer to get more and more visibility to them on production processes. As the next project, we are working for defining process and raw material conditions that lead to “Golden Batch”. As part of that we are tapping into their Schneider PLCs to get process parameters, automating data gathering of data on ingredients used in their “recipe”. This will really help them save millions in terms of rework as well as expensive raw material usage

Axelta has also piloted wireless enabling of their Schneider IMCC motor control unit for operating them via ATEX enabled wireless switch. We have used LoRa based HW system to provide a unique solution. This has resulted in significant reduction in capital expenses and significantly reduced maintenance and project efforts / disruption


Axelta being an end to end IIoT solution provider with both hardware and platform capabilities and all required IP for providing innovative IoT solutions in a very cost effective manner really helped with this customer. We were able to achieve quick RoI and early success leveraging the fungible Osmosis I7 - Industrial IoT gateway and Platform with minimum pain

Aggregated Central Data

All the machine and process data are now available centrally in the cloud, that gives the customer a real time information on the process performance and its threshold of operation. It also eliminates the challenges related to data security and loss. Back up of all the information is available.

Aggregated data in a big data system also helps in deeper analysis to understand the process behavior and optimize it over a period of time. It also helps in achieving “golden batch” in a more predictable and consistent manner thereby improving overall throughput and quality

Equipment Efficiencies

Efficiencies of individual lines and asset utilization is available for the production planning, quality and sales team to better forecast and plan for capital investments as well as best utilization of their current investment.

Condition Monitoring

Real time / machine learning based monitoring gives immediate triggers to the customer personnel. Helping them in taking proactive actions and avoid down time / maintenance issues.

Energy Monitoring

Energy is one of the major cost factors for the company and by providing granular energy consumption information correlated with process parameters and net throughput from processes and the plant has enabled the customer to optimize their energy footprint significantly.

Quick ROI

The customer was very keen to invest in the industry 4.0 initiative in a gradual manner. By focusing on an incremental approach and having the level of flexibility in both the HW and SW deployed, really helped the customer to balance the results with the investment. We are still in a continuous engagement with the customer and enhancing the basic backbone laid for them

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