Osmosis Platform Product Overview

Your complete device management and IoT enablement platform.
Stream data, manage assets and devices, perform analytics and create custom solutions using our state the of art Osmosis platform at world's lowest cost.

Special bundled offer with Osmosis Gateway for seamless integration and rapid time to market.

Device Management

Intuitively manage your devices and assets from anywhere in the world through our mobile and web applications or through our REST API. Add custom properties to your devices, categorize them and easily control access.

User Management

Control access to your assets, reports and activities performed on them through our flexible and powerful access control system that ensures granular control with utmost ease.

Business Rules

Create your business rules, events, triggers and alarms using our meta data driven rules engine that leverages Complex Event Processing to get you really powerful way to leverage the power of Internet of Things.

Reports & Analytics

Harness the real power of Internet of Things using our "out of the box" reports and analytics with minimal efforts that powers you with business intelligence to compete in the market place. Also have the flexibility to create your own "smart" predictive and prescriptive analytics using the platform capabilities.

Integrating with other IT systems

Use our REST API to access your device, asset, user and project information as well as device data that helps you easily integrate with any ERP or IT system to make them IoT enabled.


Leverage from our library of customizable events or create your own events to automate workflows that helps you manage your business or product needs with ease.

Work Flow

Build your custom workflows using events, business rules and UI based rules to initiate actions based on real time data as well as machine learning and predictive capabilities of the system. We can also work with you to build your specific ontologies to get best outcomes.

Data Streaming

Stream data from your IoT devices using REST API with the ability to use other emerging protocols like CoAP and MQTT as well as raw TCP / IP. You can also leverage our OSMOSIS Gateway that seamlessly integrates with the platform.

Call Center Operations

A unique feature of OSMOSIS platform is its design keeping for having command and call centers for critical areas that need human decision making and action. You can also leverage our call center for best economies of scale, costs and our expertise.

Osmosis Pricing Sheet:


  • Free

  • Max. Devices Number
  • Max. Devices Number
  • Max. accepted streams
  • Max. Stored Data 1
    year online Unlimited offline
    3 SMS / day
  • Free App integrated with configurable
    busniess rules for Android Push Notifications
  • Email Notifications
    100 Email / day
    10 Email / minute
  • Basic Support
    Email support
  • Reports
    Standard Reports


  • 1.25 $ [INR 80] / Device / Month

  • Max. Devices Number
  • Max. accepted streams
  • Max. Stored Data 1
    year online Unlimited offline
  • SMS API*
    Free 3 SMS / day
    >6 SMS 0.01$ / SMS
  • Free App integrated with configurable
    busniess rules for Android Push Notifications
  • Email Notifications
    Free 125 Email / day
    >100 0.50$* / thousand
  • Corporate Support
    Phone Support - Contact Us
    Email support within 24 hours
  • Reports
    Custom Reports and Integration Based on requirements

Other Options & Details:

Device Management
Unlimited use of rules
Unlimited use of listeners
SDK Application Engine
Data export
Custom alarms
Debug logs
Customer hierarchy level
User Management
Free Account Contact Us
  • Streams data from any IoT device.
  • Provides out of the box big data analytics and dashboards.
  • Helps manage your devices and assets in intuitive manner.
  • Scales from prototype to enterprise scale without change.
  • Create a free account.
  • Start sending data securely using our intuitive REST API.
  • Create your alerts, business rules and triggers.
  • You are now all set to manage your IoT deployments.
  • Reduce time required for developing and deploying your IoT solution.
  • Get seamless access to the platform through Osmosis Gateway to further reduce your development costs and time.
  • Or develop your own mechanism to connect using standard REST APIs.
  • Get peace of mind by leaving high availability, security and access to us and the best in the industry.
  • No initial costs or capital investments for your development and deployment.
  • Industry beating pay per use cost structure ensuring minimal Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Get bespoke customization and development for your unique requirements and reporting needs.
  • Industry beating cost structure ensuring minimal Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Integrate with your IT systems again with easy REST API.
  • Leverage our state of art call center to manage your automation needs.