Smart City

Cities that are livable, resilient and sustainable are most important for a continued existence of humans on the planet. And technology will play a key role in making urban living smart and sustainable. Axelta’s innovation and technology is enabling such efforts for bringing comfort, security, resource optimization into urban living and making the interface between citizens and government seamless.

Our Offerings in Smart Cities

Success Stories

Smart Parking System
End to End Parking Management.Solution for vehicle parking

Key Features

  • Very accurate detection
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Wireless system
  • OTA
  • Low cost & small size
  • Accurate detection using dual technology of magnetic and optic
  • Wide communication range with long battery life
  • Easy installing and cost-efficient
  • Sensor Battery Life – 3 Years
  • Connects with Axelta IoT platform using WiFi or Cellular Technology
  • Axelta provides very easy to use API for your applications
  • Can be enhanced to support booking, control entry and exit, geo location and other advanced features

What Does It Do

Img explains, what does it do?

Data Collector

  • Automatic data collection
  • Bi-directional communication with all components
  • Radio channel and network ID assignment
  • Remote system online configuration Ethernet and RS232 interface
  • Interface between the wireless parking spaces occupancy detection system and user application.
  • Wireless sensor network formed among these parking detection sensors
  • One wireless data collector in a parking lot, the parking space occupancy information is transmitted to system provider’s parking management platform timely
  • Max Range Between Sensors and Collector – 300 m
  • -40~85℃ operating temperature
  • RF Frequency options - 433Mhz,915Mhz,470Mhz and 868Mhz
  • L 23cm/W 10cm/H 4.9cm
  • Connects up to 50 sensors

Deployment Information Availability

  • Device running state monitor
  • Battery report
  • Signal quality monitor
  • Occupancy monitor
  • Sensor ID remap
  • Network monitor
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Smart Patrolling System
Solution for Scheduling, Managing and Monitoring of Police Patrolling Across City


1.Inform Personnel About Their ROTA & Send Reminders

  • SMS and Mobile Based Notifications to Staff for patrolling
  • Route information and schedule for patrolling
  • Reminders sent to make sure that timing is adhered
    Today’s Schedule – Khrtbd Road to Pnjgutta Circle Start time – 1:15 AM Rockdale -> RTO -> NIMS -> PS
  • Ability to intimate start of patrolling through mobile app

2.Track and Record Adherence to Patrolling Schedule

  • Every time the guard visits a patrolling point, the information is recorded immediately along with an image.
  • This image is uploaded for record keeping and audit immediately
  • Record of adherence to schedule is also updated
  • In case the guard misses the patrolling point as per schedule, an immediate notification is raised to control station and other senior police staff
  • Detailed reports are generated about the adherence to schedule

3.Maintain Historical Records & Generate Analytics for Planning and Reporting

  • All historical information maintained in the system
    • Schedule
    • Its adherence
    • Geo location
    • Images and other information of Personnel
  • Detailed reports and analytics are generated
    • Adherence to schedule
    • Effectiveness of Patrolling staff
    • Can be linked to crime and other data to support decisions on modifying schedules, etc

4.Patrolling Point Device Capabilities

  • 8+ Hours battery back up
  • Uses Cellular Connectivity and is Plug and Play
  • Provides its Geo Location – any movement from its designated location can be found
  • Regularly sends its health status – Updates monitoring station in case the devices is tampered
  • Has capability to record images and small videos on specific triggers or on demand
  • All data is captured and maintained securely
  • Can be integrated to sound hooters / alarms from central monitoring station
  • Can also be provided with panic / alarm buttons to raise alarms
  • The system is highly upgradeable and more features can be added with new requirements after deployment

What Does It Do

what does it do

Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture

Patrolling Efficiency Report - Sample

Sample report image
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L7 – Making LED Lighting Smart


  • Retrofit solution for existing LED / Solar LED lights
  • Includes fully functional cloud control and monitoring of lights
  • Supports Long distance Mesh based wireless network


  • ZigBee mesh network or LoRaWAN based system
  • Intelligent / OTA capable Gateways to have complete control over the equipment
  • Ready real-time monitoring and control dashboards
  • Ready and fully functional mobile applications

Value Adds

  • Detailed Analytics about the network health and operational metrics
  • Full secure system
  • End to end support from Axelta
  • Extendible for leveraging same network for other automation / monitoring and control activities
  • Machine Learning capabilities for deeper analysis and optimization

Deployment Architecture


Control Panel

Control panel

Features of User Interface

Lighting Control

Control ON/OFF of the lights group-wise or individually with Real-time feedback.Optional dimming of LED Street Lights to save extra power.


Status Timeline

Know the status of each light with exact Real-time timestamp for each status change.

status timeline

Parameter Trends

Alarms & Notifications.

An Alarm or a Notification with Real-Time Timestamp would be triggered fault/deviation from the said process.

Network Devices & Status

Know Real-time Status of each wireless node and gateway used in the field.

MIS Reports

Generate the Real-time operations,Maintenance and Status report for the project

Technical Specs – Wireless ZigBee Node


Technical Specs – Advanced S7 Gateway


Osmosis platform

A Comprehensive IoT Enablement Platform

Osmosis Platform

Osmosis Platform Features

  • Flexible
  • Machine Learning Enabled
  • Multiple Protocol Support
  • Other Features
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Railways Level Crossing

Business Requirement:

There are a number of level crossings that are managed manually. The station master is supposed to call downstream level crossings to inform about incoming trains. The operator at the crossing closes the gates and informs the station master. Only after the confirmation is received from all downstream crossings the station master is going to permit the train to cross that station. This is very error prone.

The current automated solution uses mechanical keys for achieving the same and costs are prohibitory. That’s why there are around 3000 such crossings that are still operated manually.


Replaced the manual process with an IoT based automated signaling that is 100% reliable and costs just 2% of the existing mechanical automated process. Deployment of this solution can be done in less than a day.



Axelta uses its advanced IoT Gateway along with its cellular connectivity, power back up mechanism and a patent pending multilayer signaling approach to get 100% reliability. The solution also sends images of the level crossing once the operator confirms the closing to get an assurance to the station master about the action having been taken.


  • Enables railways to replace the cumbersome and error prone manual signaling with a completely automated process
  • Also, significantly reduces the costs of the entire automation
  • A complete log of the operation ensures that any issues are be tracked and reasons identified
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ATM Security

Business Requirement:

Cost of having security guards at ATMs is quite high. Therefore a number of urban ATMs don’t have security guard. Getting an intelligent security mechanism at the ATM is need of the hour. The basic requirements for such a system are:

  1. Ability to capture video only when someone enters the ATM room or an event is detected
  2. Real time notifications to concerned persons in case there is an unexpected activity happening there
  3. Video analytics and machine learning to be able to effectively monitor the activities


Axelta’s intelligent ATM security system can do all this and more in a significantly reliable manner. Sensors along with video analytics at the ATM room provides a mechanism to understand the user actions and be able to raise alarms and send real time notifications for ensuring high reliability at a very affordable cost.



  • Multiple wireless sensors for digitizing activities at the ATM
  • Over the air updateable Advanced IoT Gateway
  • Video analytics ability at the ATM level to analyze user actions
  • Video Recording only based on activity
  • Command and Control Center for tracking and analyzing events
  • Wireless actuators and alarm systems


  • A highly reliable and maintainable system that enhances ATM security significantly
  • Significant reduction in total cost of ownership for managing ATM security
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Intelligent Canal Water Supply Management System

About Axelta-iCWSMS

  • Comprehensive, Intelligent Canal Water Supply Management System
  • An Sensors can be Fitted to Water Flowing Canal to Monitor the period of water flow. Along with Location and timestamp etc., and save Data on Cloud (Axelta Osmosis).
  • Weather battery powered devices to get 100% reliability

Axelta iCWSMS - Capabilities

  • Regular / Daily Monitoring of Canal Water Supply
  • Accurate Geo Location Information of each Water Pump Station
  • Every Pump Station and Canals will be given Identification number for easy connect and access information like Water Supply
  • Easily integrated with other existing IT system to seamlessly exchange information with them for comprehensive management
  • Equipped with 2-way communication to raise smart notifications to staff and managers to have full control of the Canal Water Supply.
  • Possible to have a 24/7 Central Command Station located at Hyderabad that continuously monitors the information including multiple water pump stations, water canals, geo location with date and time
  • Real time mobile notifications based on configurable rules to concerned staff
  • Smart real time Canal Water Supply Management.
  • Data analytics on usage, damages and other custom requirements
  • Has capability for getting real time image / video from the pump station

ICWSMS - Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture

BIMS-ICWSMS - Management Report

Solution Architecture
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