Smart Parking System

End to End Parking Management.Solution for vehicle parking.

What Does It Do

Img explains, what does it do?

Key Features

  • Very accurate detection
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Wireless system
  • OTA
  • Low cost & small size
  • Accurate detection using dual technology of magnetic and optic
  • Wide communication range with long battery life
  • Easy installing and cost-efficient
  • Sensor Battery Life – 3 Years
  • Connects with Axelta IoT platform using WiFi or Cellular Technology
  • Axelta provides very easy to use API for your applications
  • Can be enhanced to support booking, control entry and exit, geo location and other advanced features

Data Collector

  • Automatic data collection
  • Bi-directional communication with all components
  • Radio channel and network ID assignment
  • Remote system online configuration Ethernet and RS232 interface
  • Interface between the wireless parking spaces occupancy detection system and user application.
  • Wireless sensor network formed among these parking detection sensors
  • One wireless data collector in a parking lot, the parking space occupancy information is transmitted to system provider’s parking management platform timely
  • Max Range Between Sensors and Collector – 300 m
  • -40~85℃ operating temperature
  • RF Frequency options - 433Mhz,915Mhz,470Mhz and 868Mhz
  • L 23cm/W 10cm/H 4.9cm
  • Connects up to 50 sensors

Deployment Information Availability

  • Device running state monitor
  • Battery report
  • Signal quality monitor
  • Occupancy monitor
  • Sensor ID remap
  • Network monitor