Smart Patrolling System

Solution for Scheduling, Managing and Monitoring of Police Patrolling Across City


1.Inform Personnel About Their ROTA & Send Reminders

  • SMS and Mobile Based Notifications to Staff for patrolling
  • Route information and schedule for patrolling
  • Reminders sent to make sure that timing is adhered
    Today’s Schedule – Khrtbd Road to Pnjgutta Circle Start time – 1:15 AM Rockdale -> RTO -> NIMS -> PS
  • Ability to intimate start of patrolling through mobile app

3.Maintain Historical Records & Generate Analytics for Planning and Reporting

  • All historical information maintained in the system
    • Schedule
    • Its adherence
    • Geo location
    • Images and other information of Personnel
  • Detailed reports and analytics are generated
    • Adherence to schedule
    • Effectiveness of Patrolling staff
    • Can be linked to crime and other data to support decisions on modifying schedules, etc

2.Track and Record Adherence to Patrolling Schedule

  • Every time the guard visits a patrolling point, the information is recorded immediately along with an image.
  • This image is uploaded for record keeping and audit immediately
  • Record of adherence to schedule is also updated
  • In case the guard misses the patrolling point as per schedule, an immediate notification is raised to control station and other senior police staff
  • Detailed reports are generated about the adherence to schedule

4.Patrolling Point Device Capabilities

  • 8+ Hours battery back up
  • Uses Cellular Connectivity and is Plug and Play
  • Provides its Geo Location – any movement from its designated location can be found
  • Regularly sends its health status – Updates monitoring station in case the devices is tampered
  • Has capability to record images and small videos on specific triggers or on demand
  • All data is captured and maintained securely
  • Can be integrated to sound hooters / alarms from central monitoring station
  • Can also be provided with panic / alarm buttons to raise alarms
  • The system is highly upgradeable and more features can be added with new requirements after deployment

What Does It Do

what does it do

Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture

Patrolling Efficiency Report - Sample

Sample report image